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After the last BIOS update to version 1803, my webcam no longer appears in my hardware profiles and doesn’t work. How do I fix this problem?


BIOS version 1803 sets the onboard camera to “disabled”, which is why the camera doesn't work immediately following a BIOS update.

You can use one of methods listed below to enable the camera:
Method 1
Update BIOS to a more recent version.

For Win XP , you can use ASUS Update to update the BIOS directly from a web page.

For Linux , you just need to use the “add/remove software” function located in “Settings”. The system will then search for a new BIOS automatically.

Method 2
Enable the onboard camera function in the current BIOS.

(1)     Press F2 key constantly after you boot on your computer. The BIOS SETUP UTILITY will appear.

(2)     Select the “Onboard Devices Configuration” option, and press “Enter”.

(3)     Select “Onboard Camera” and set it to “Enabled”.

(4)     Press F10 and then OK to save and exit.

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