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I have a phone that is stated to have 128MB ROM and 64 MB of RAM.
When I go in memory settings for my phone (Start-> Settings-> Memory), it indicates:
Total: 30.71MB Used: 23.09MB Free: 7.62 MB
Total: 47.25MB Used: 22.59MB Free: 24.66MB
How is flash memory allocated and where is the rest of the memory?


The rest of the memory is being used for the OS.

Program uses 64 MB RAM memory.

64-47.25=16.75MB (reserve for hardware buffer).

In use: for programs in use + OS kernel + driver + all windows since the phone was turned on.

Storage uses 128 MB ROM memory.

128-30.71=97.29MB (reserve for Windows Mobile OS).

In use: for all the things you downloaded or installed.

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