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I can't output Mic from SPDIF however analog is OK. Can AD1988 support this function?

No. AD1988 does not support Mic to SPDIF.
Please see AD988A/AD1988B datasheet Functional Block Diagram (page3)
According to vendor Analog:
The big circle in the middle of the block diagram is the stereo mixer.  You can find that it's output path goes through NID21 and then to all the output ports, where it can be mixed with the normal audio output from the DACs, i.e. the audio being played back from the PC.  This is what we call the A-A path (analog-to-analog path).
There is no direct path from the stereo mixer to the SPDIF transmitter, located on the top of the block diagram.  There is a path by going through the ADC, (thus converting the audio signal into digital audio stream), and then go through the selector at NID0B and then goes up and mixed with the digital output stream at NID1D.  However, this means the ADC must be turned on but may not be actually recording.  This path does not match any Microsoft Windows definition and cannot be implemented on Windows operating systems.
And this path is not enabled in the Linux ALSA driver either.
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