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Why doesn't my router recognize my network printer?
Is there any other way for me to use my printer via the router?


There may be compatibility problem between your printer and router.
If this is the case, please connect the printer directly with your computer, and simply arrange all the computers needing to share this printer in the same IP segment using the instructions below:

1. Ensure all computers needing to use that printer to be in the same local area network with the first computer.
2. Set them in the same IP segment using the router.
3. Set the printer in shared mode on the first computer and other users in the same network will now be able to see the printer.

How to share the printer
1. Install "Microsoft networking files and printer share" Protocol.
2. Enter Control Panel and "Printer and Fax". Open it, and then choose the printer you have installed.
3. Right click it and choose "Properties"-"Sharing".
4. You should now see the shared computer in "Network Connections" --> "My Network Places" (at the left slide) --> "view workgroup computers" and then find its printer.
5. You should also install the printer driver on computers needing to use such printer.
6. You can find the shared printer using the way above and then right click it and choose "Install" to install the shared printer on the other computers.

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