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How do you enable Wake On LAN (WOL) in the BIOS?


Most computers support Wake On LAN on a wired network.
The Wake On LAN feature allows you to turn on a computer in SLEEP or HIBERNATE mode via the network.
To enable Wake On LAN (WOL):
1. On bootup, instructions to access the BIOS will be briefly displayed. Press this button to enter the BIOS. The hot key is commonly either DEL, F12, or F8.
2. Using your BIOS, modify the boot sequence to make LAN first priority.
*In a generic BIOS, boot priority settings can be found in the Boot Menu.
*In an ASUS UEFI EZ BIOS, you can drag the LAN icon to the left to set LAN as first priority.
Step3. In the BIOS Setup program, set the items Power On by PCIE devices and Power On by Onboard Lan to [Enabled].
To enable WOL:
a) Right-click Computer, then click Properties > Device Manager.
b) Under Network Adapters, double-click the device.
c) Tick all the items under the Power Management tab.
d) On the Advanced tab, select Wait for Link.

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