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My system seem to show 「CPU fan error」message at POST under some conditions in particular.
Can you please kindly advice on what this message represents, and ways to bypass this error message automatically.

This error message represents system detected 「either the onboard CPU fan connector is not connected, or if CPU fan speed detected during POST stage has gone below the lower limit.」

The possible causes of system showing such error message includes:
1. Onboard CPU fan connector has not been connected to 3pin or 4pin CPU fan.
2. CPU fan speed at POST stage has gone below 600RPM for Intel motherboards, and 800RPM for AMD motherboards.

If your CPU fan has low speed, or CPU fan has only 2 pin, or you are not using CPU fan connector, you can bypass this error message by entering BIOS setup screen, and set 「CPU Fan Speed」option to 「Disabled」to bypass this error message at POST.
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