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Troubleshooting :
How to access Internet with Windows 7


Step 1 : Please enable the WLAN device in BIOS setup.

When booting, press < F2 > repeatedly to enter BIOS setting ==> [ Advanced ] ==> [ Onboard Device ] ==> Set "WLAN" as "enabled" ==> press < F10 > to save the setting.

Step 2 : Activate the wireless LAN function by pressing < Fn > + < F2 > before configuring a wireless network connection.

Step 3 : Click the wireless network icon with an orange star in the Windows Notification area.

Step 4 : Select the wireless access point you want to connect to from the list and click “Connect” to build the connection.

If you cannot find the desired access point, click the Refresh icon on the upper right corner to refresh and search the list again.

Step 5 : When connecting, you may have to enter a password.

Step 6 : After a connection has been established, the connection is shown in the list.

Step 7 : You can see the wireless network icon in the Notification area.

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