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Troubleshooting :
EeePC Bluetooth related problems


1. Please verify with your reseller whether your Eee PC is equipped with Bluetooth module, as the specs may vary in different regions.

2. If your Eee PC is equipped with Bluetooth, please verify the Bluetooth device is being seen by the operating system.

3. Please enable Bluetooth in the BIOS: When booting up your Eee PC, press < F2 > to enter BIOS settings==>[Advanced]==>[Onboard Device]==>Set "Bluetooth" as "enable"==>press < F10 > to save the setting.

Check Microsoft Windows Device Manager and look for the Bluetooth icon and verify that the device is present.

4. Please verify that the most recent Bluetooth and ATK drivers are installed; the driver can be downloaded from the support site:

5. Please verify that the Eee PC is upgraded to the latest BIOS version. Please run ASUS Update Utility to perform the BIOS update. For the details, please refer to the user manual.

6. Please verify that the Bluetooth is enabled on the system. Try pressing < Fn > + < F2 > to make sure the Bluetooth software is not disabled - you should see visual feedback on screen showing that you are toggling the Wireless on and off.

7. Please verify that the external Bluetooth device is switched on. In order to pair your Eee PC, both of the devices must have Bluetooth enabled (As for how to setup Bluetooth connection, please refer to the user manual).

8. If these steps have not solved your problem, please contact the local service center for further help:

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