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  • BW-12B1LT

Troubleshooting :
Storage Troubleshooting Guide

Step1 :

Please make sure your system already connect to internet before you run this tool. It will appear below screen when you run the ASUS ODD Update Tool, please click "NEXT" button to go to next step.
Step2 :

Please select the storage device from left list and click "OK" button.
Step3 :

Please click "Yes" button when you saw below screen. Then this tool will begin to check the latest version of firmware from ASUS site. auto update

Step4 :

If the original firmware is the newest one, you don't need to do firmware update, and it will show below screen. Please click "CANCEL" button to exit this tool.

Step5 :

If the original firmware is not the newest one, it will show below screen. Please click "Save File" button to continue.

Step6 :

After save the latest firmware file complete, you will see below screen. Please click "YES" to confirm you want to update firmware now.

Step7 :

Please click "Start" button begin to update firmware when you see below screen.

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