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Troubleshooting :


The drive cannot be found on "My Computer" and "File Manager"?
  Please try the following steps:
1. Shut down the PC. Disconnect the power cable, remove the computer case cover and check to ensure that the jumper setting on the rear of the drive does not conflict with other IDE device.
2. Check whether the auto-detect function under BIOS is enabled to recognize the drive.
3. Go to "Device Manager" to ensure the IDE controller is functioning properly.
4. If none of the above helps, please contact your local dealer for service.  

Why should I enable "DMA" mode? What's the benefit? How do I enable "DMA" mode?
  There are two ways to transfer data between PC and devices; one is through CPU control, and the other through chipset. DMA mode transfers data from device to hard drive. This is more efficient than CPU control. To enable "DMA" mode:
In Windows 9x / ME: Go to "Device Manager" -> "CD-ROMs" -> find your drive and check its "Properties" to "DMA" mode.
In Windows 2000 / XP: Go to "Device Manager" -> "IDE Controller" -> find the correct IDE channel where your drive is connected -> check its "Properties" to "DMA if possible. Verify that DMA mode is enabled for other CD / DVD devices and hard-drives, then reboot your PC.
Please note that some motherboard chipset driver will upgrade DMA mode to UDMA mode for direct control. So, the selection may not always be presented on setup.

Why do I still see data of previous session after processing a new session using Multi-session?
  Possible reason: FAT data in system buffer is not cleared.
Solution: Eject and reload the CD-R just recorded, or restart your system and try again.

Why only the first session of a Multi-Session DVD+/-R disc appear under Windows ME or Windows 98?
  It is a limitation of Windows ME and 98; Windows 2000 or XP does not have such problem.

Why can't DVD movie playback smoothly on my PC?
  Please check the following items:
1.Turn on DMA mode to reduce system's overhead
2.Upgrade VGA driver
3.If you utilize software MPEG II decoding, the PC must be built to meet minimum system requirements.

Why will my DVD-ROM show masked images when playing movies from authentic CD?
  This is likely to be caused by different vendors of motherboard chipsets. Please try using motherboard from other chipset vendor or change the IDE cable to one with shorter length and connect the drive as close to the motherboard as possible.

My DVD player plays the movie intermittently.
  It will happen if disc is in poor quality or when system is low in resource.

Why doesn't my motherboard recognize the DVD-ROM?
  This maybe caused by different motherboard chipsets. Please try using motherboard from other chipsets, or change the IDE cable to one with shorter length and connect the drive as close to the motherboard as possible.

Why is my Power DVD not working in Windows NT?
  Please upgrade your Power DVD to the newest version, or contact the customer service in CyberLink.

How do I check the firmware version of my DVD-ROM drive?
  Please use Nero InfoTool with your Nero package or visit http://www.cdspeed2000.com/go.php3?link=download.html to down load the utility. The drive model and firmware version should appear after the file is executed.

Do I have to upgrade my DVD ROM drive firmware?
  If there's upgrade available on our website, we will recommend you to download the newest version of firmware and upgrade to your drive.

How do I get my DVD ROM drive upgraded?
  Please visit our website http://www.asus.com/support/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us and down load the newest version of firmware. Please unzip the execution file, recheck the model number and firmware version, and continue the upgrade. Once you have upgrade to the new firmware, you will not be able to upgrade again using traditional firmware any more. The region code restriction remains unchanged before and after the upgrade.

Why is the firmware version of my DVD-ROM not changed after I run the upgrade program?
  Most likely that the version of your firmware is already the latest, or your model number and the files you downloaded do not match.

What should be done if firmware upgrade of DVD-ROM failed?
  Please try to upgrade again after UDMA/ DMA mode is disabled. If it still fails, please contact your local dealer or service center.

How do I know the firmware upgrade completed?
  When the firmware upgrade is completed, the system will pop up a window to remind you that the firmware upgrade has successfully completed and system needs reboot.

Why is optical disc drive not found error message appear on firmware upgrade?
  Check whether the device is recognized by the system if the model number matches the upgrade firmware.

What are the differences between DVD-R / RW, DVD+R / RW and DVD-RAM?
  The market has been divided by 3 major specifications including DVD-RAM by Panasonic and etc., DVD-R/RW by Pioneer and etc., DVD+R/RW by Philips and etc. To penetrate and get more market shares, the alliances such as DVD Multi (DVD-RAM & DVD-R/RW) , DVD Dual (DVD+R/RW & DVD-R/RW) or Super Multi (all three) are all available in the market.

DVD-R/RW: DVD-R records data once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc. DVD-RW could record data, erase and record over numerous times. Similar to CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW applies Constant Linear Velocity (known as CLV) on burning process.

DVD+R/RW: A DVD+R can only record data once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc. Data on DVD+RW disc can be erased and recorded over numerous times. DVD+R/RW uses Constant Angular Velocity (also known as CAV) on burning process, where the device must maintain at a constant speed during burning processes.

DVD-RAM discs can be recorded and erased repeatedly but are only compatible with devices manufactured by the companies that support the DVD-RAM format. DVD-RAM uses Zone Constant Linear Velocity (also known as Z-CLV ) for reading, and it uses the same “Data Random Storage ” as HDD, which also provides repetition on burning.

Recommended website to get further details on the disc types: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0BRZ/is_3_22/ai_110262682

What is region code (PRC)? Can I get more information?
  PRC is short for Regional Playback Control. In consideration of business advantages, the 8 major Film Industry Companies have set the protection: CSS (Content Scramble System) to prevent digital duplication of DVD discs. The market has been divided into 6 regions and requested all DVD discs and DVD playback devices to embed regional code. If the DVD disc's regional code does not match with the DVD playback device, the movie can not be played. The PC DVD-ROM users are allowed to change the regional code setting 5 times to play movies in different regions. The drive would be locked after setting for more than 5 times. Once locked, the drive shall be returned to manufacturer to reset counter for further changes. The manufacturer is allowed to reset the counter for 4 times of that drive setting until it no longer changeable afterwards. In general, not all film companies have region code restriction. Some films play in all regions. The DVD not published from the 8-major film company may not follow the region code restriction. The region codes are listed below:
# 1 US, Canada Area, East Pacific Islands
# 2 Japan, West & North Europe, Egypt, South Africa, Mid-East
# 3 Taiwan, HK, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, South East Asia
# 4 Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Central and South America, Mexico
# 5 East Europe, Russia, India, North Korea, Mongolia
# 6 China
# 7 Reserved
# 8 For use in aircraft only

What is the transfer rate of DVD-ROM?
  DVD is shorthand for digital versatile disc or digital video disc. The term “DVD-ROM”normally applies to both disc and drive. Asus DVD-E616P1及DVD-E616P2 can reach 16X times faster than conventional DVD-ROM speed, i.e. 21600 KB/sec. Other models such as CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive, DVD-RW will also support DVD-ROM disc reading as well. Please refer to detail product information as provided on our website.

What are the differences between DVDs and CDs?
  Known by its abbreviation, CD, a compact disc made from polycarbonate with one or more metal layers capable of storing digital information. DVD is the shorthand for digital versatile disc or digital video disc, a type of optical disk technology similar to CD-ROM. They are shaped in 12cm in diameter or 8cm in diameter for encoding data on disc tracks. In spite of the same disc size, the processing and disc features are utterly different. Each DVD disc holds more data than CD due to shorter pits and smaller track pitch.

How many types of DVD disc are there?
DVD-5, a single-sided, single-layer(SL) disc with capacity of 4.7GB
DVD-9, a single-sided, dual-layer(DL) disc with capacity of 8.5GB;
DVD-10, a double-sided, single-layer(SL) disc with capacity of 9.4GB
DVD-18, a double-sided, dual-layer (DL) disc holding 17GB.

Recordable: DVD-R(4.7GB)、DVD+R(4.7GB)、DVD+R dual layer(8.5GB)
Rewritable: DVD-RW(4.7GB)、DVD+RW(4.7GB)、DVD-RAM (3.0GB & 4.7GB)

Remark: The capacity calculated is based on 1 G Byte = 1,000,000,000 Byte in storage, compared to 1 G byte = 1024x1024x1024 in computer environment. The capacity calculated based on the later will be a little smaller.

What is PIO mode?
  PIO stands for Programmed Input/Output, a method of transferring data between two devices that uses the computer's main processor as part of the data path. The other alternative is done through chipset control, so called DMA mode. In general, the data transfer rate of DMA mode is faster than PIO mode.

What should I do if I can read the data on CD-R but unable to hear the music played on audio CD?
  1) Please check whether sound card is properly installed .
2) Please click on “control panel” to check whether the drive is in digital or analog mode. If it is set up for digital mode, you need to activate the digital CD sound effect. For analog mode, you need to check whether there's a signal line connected from sound card to drive.
3) If it still does not work, please contact with your local dealer or service center.

How do I acquire the serial number of my drive?
  Please look for a label on top of the drive barcoded the production serial number and safety regulation.

Why does the screen froze, jitter with poor sound quality when playing a duplicated VCD?
  There are several possibilities:
1) Poor quality of disc
2) Burner having trouble reading the disc
3) Because regular audio CDs (CD-DA) and VCD have less Error Correction Code (ECC) than data disc (CD-ROM). So, this error may happen when the drive attempts to read VCD or DAE tracks caused by spot stains or scratches on disc.
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