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Troubleshooting :
Wireless Lan troubleshooting

Network problems can be resulted from many aspects, hardware setting, network setting, local network environment, and etc. The steps below are what you can do before asking for help.

Step1 :

Please make sure that the network adapter is recognized by Windows. Please go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters to check whether there is any Question Mark (?), Red cross (X) or Admiration Mark (!)
Step2 :

Please enter the WLAN's application (Intel PROset or Asus WLAN Control center) to change the setting
Step3 :

Please make sure that an Intel WLAN adapter is in the Intel PROset or is in Asus WLAN control center
Step4 :

Please make sure the Radio is enabled by pressing FN +F2
Step5 :

Please update to latest adapter driver
Step6 :

Please make sure that the desired AP is accessible
Step7 :

Please check the SSID setting and the security settings
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