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Troubleshooting :
Common Reasons to reset your Eee PC


• Eee PC locks up or general system halts.
• Webcam is not responding or functioning properly.
• Wireless is not operating properly.

How to reset the unit with the Reset Hole ?

Step 1 : Make sure your Eee PC is powered off.
Step 2 : Remove the AC Power adapter ( if connected ).
Step 3 : Flip the unit over and remove the battery.

Ensure that the battery and AC Power Adapter have been removed successfully.

Step 4 : Locate the Reset Hole on the bottom of the Eee PC; press down into the reset hole for approximately 10 seconds ( A small paperclip or other fine pointed device should fit in the reset hole ). After the 10 seconds are up, reconnect the battery and AC Power Adapter ( if necessary ) and turn on your Eee PC.

How to reset the unit without the Rest Hole ?

Step 1 : Repeat steps 1-2 of resetting the unit with the hole.
Step 2 : Press and hold your power button for 15 - 25 seconds. Release the power button. Put the battery back in place and try to start.

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