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Troubleshooting :
Keyboard Related Problems


1.) Please verify that the Scroll Lock , Num Lock , and Caps Lock are in the proper settings for the applications. Please press < Fn > + NumLK/ScrLK/Caps Lock key to change the settings.

2.) Please verify that the external USB keyboard is connected properly to the Eee PC's USB port.
( Please notice that Eee PCs don't have PS/2 ports, here is an image of a USB port. )

3.) Please verify that your Eee PC has been upgraded to the latest BIOS. You may run ASUS Update Utility which is preinstalled on your unit to perform the BIOS update. For the details, please refer to the user manual.

4.) Please verify that your Eee PC has been installed with the ATK driver. Please refer to the following site :

5.) Please go to Control Panel ==> Regional and Language Options ==> Languages ==> Details, and verify the language selection in the operating system is correct.

6.) If the problem is hardware related, please contact your local service center for further diagnostics and repairs. You can find a service center on the following site :

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