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Troubleshooting :
Why does WLAN always stays at Pending state?


Please do the following to reset and connect the WLAN.

1: Choose "Network" in the Internet option, disconnect it and then delete the Connection in the "Manage".

2: Click "Create" to recreate the connection, choose "Local Area Network- Wireless", then Next.

3: Choose "Next".

4: Select Address Type, and then Next.

5: Browse Wireless Networks and then choose the one you want to use, choose the mode to be "infrastructure" and the Transfer rate to be "auto", and then Next.

6: Wireless Channel Settings, choose any channel.

7: If your AP is using the WEP or WPA encryption, you need to choose "Enable encryption" and then input the Key and Key index, choose Next.

8: Fill in the Name of connection, then choose Next.

9: You can choose the "Connect automatically at system startup" or "Start this connection when finished" if you want, and then choose Finish.

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