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  • GTX670-DC2OG-2GD5

Troubleshooting :
Hardware Installation Procedure (based on VGA Card)

Step1 :

Please turn off the power to install this hardware device.

Step2 :

Make sure the hardware device is inserted accurately.
Step3 :

Switch on the power and make sure the CPU fan and chassis fan are functioning properly.
Step4 :

Hold down on the DEL key to enter BIOS Setup Menu
Step5 :

Make sure date setting is correct.
Step6 :

Check the CPU speed setting and also any boot up peripherals are detected and working.
Step7 :

Hold down F5 to load BIOS Default Value.
Hold down F10 to Save & Exit BIOS to reboot.
Step8 :

Reboot PC.
Make sure the operating system has detected new hardware device and also request to install drivers.
Step9 :

If device is setup successfully, you will see this image from “Device Manager“ page.
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