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Troubleshooting :
Wireless connection unstable and automatically disconnected problem


Please try the following steps:

1. Please check the maximum wireless range of your router, don't place your router in a corner or close to metal objects and other electronics in your home.

2. Please enter your router settings, try setting it to a different channel. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are recommended.

3. If the computer connects to Internet via PPPoE, please check your router settings for the auto-disconnect function, and please contact your ISP to check the network environment.

4. Disable your security software and firewall temporarily to see if the problem remains.

5. Disable the power saving feature of the wireless adapter: right click on Computer, select Properties, enter Device Manager.

Right click on your wireless network adapter, select Properties (The model in test machine is Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter), switch to Power Management tab (see screen shot below):
Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, press OK.

6. If the device manager shows the wireless network adapter driver is not installed properly, please reinstall the correct driver.
Please go to the download page of your notebook PC to download the latest version driver:
You can contact ASUS technical support center to get a new version as well:

7. If wireless network adapter disappears from the device manager, please access BIOS by pressing < F2 > during boot up, press < F9 > to load the setup default, then press < F10 > save and restart.

8. If you have tried all the steps above but the problem still remains, please try to reinstall the system via system recovery function or system installation disc.
Please backup your important files, then follow the instructions in user manual to reinstall the system.

If this article can't help you fix the problem, please write email our service center for further ../images/troubleshoot/troubleshooting; make sure to describe the symptom in detail:

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