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Troubleshooting :
System freezes.

Solution Could you please tell me when the problem arise? And what’s exchanges have you done to your PC?
You can try below steps:
1. Uninstall the new software you have installed recently.

2. Unplug the new hardware you have installed.

3. Please take the cpu cooler out, add some thermal paste to the CPU surface, then reseat the cooler back and keep the cooler tightly installed.

4. Please clear CMOS by:

a) Cut the power supply for whole system and open your case;
b) Take out the Cmos battery from the battery socket;
c) Install your battery with "reverse side" that means turn the battery 180 degree and put into battery socket;
d) Hold about 30 seconds, then take out the battery and install it normally;
e) Plug the power cord and Power on.
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