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Troubleshooting :
Update BIOS failure

Solution First, please try to clear CMOS and try if the problem could be solved. You can clear CMOS by changing the CLR_CMOS jumpers on your motherboard. The original position should be pin1-2, you need to configure it to pin2-3 for about 10 seconds, then reset to the original pins.

If you still cannot boot the PC, please contact your dealer and let him test the motherboard for you if the problem still exists. Please let him post the motherboard to our RMA we will test it and help you solve the problem..

Before flashing your BIOS, please check if the tools you are using are the latest version. Your problem may be caused by the version of your tool.

Else, you can save the BIOS file into a flash disk then boot the system and enter BIOS. Then you can update your BIOS by EZ Flash which is in the BIOS Tools page. After that, you can update the BIOS following the prompt of EZ Flash.
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