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How to use troubleshooting and diagnostic tools to fix networking connection problem?

Solution How to use troubleshooting and diagnostic tools to fix networking connection problem?

Windows 7 comes equipped with troubleshooting and diagnostic tools. Please try to run these tools first. If they are not effective, please locate and eliminate sources of trouble manually.

1.) Press the start button and typenetwork and sharing center in search line.

2.) Click Troubleshooting problems in Network and Sharing Center.

3.) Click Internet Connectionsin Network and Internet.

4.) Press Next in the new dialog box.

5.) Click Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet. It will check the system configuration and device status automatically.

6.) After that, Windows will try to fix your problem. You can select the option Check to see if the problem is fixed. The following lists the most common issues and the solutions provided by this tool:

Wireless capability or the WLAN adapter has been disable :

• It will enable the wireless capability or the WLAN adapter.

If the troubleshooting tool won't enable the wireless capability or the WLAN adapter, please try to switch ON the wireless hardware switcher ( depends on model ) or press < FN > + < F2 > to enable the wireless.

• The network you access may need to set a proxy server :

Open IE web browser, click Tools in Menu bar, and click Internet Options to enter the following dialog box. Press the LAN settings button.

Please enter the proxy address in the Proxy server panel. You will need to get this address and account from your network administrator. Then press OK.

• The service components related to wireless connection haven't started. Start them to fix the problem.

Please note that Windows firewall settings, computer viruses or high protect level of security software may cause this kind of problem. If this tool couldn't fix it, please try a virus scan and check your security software settings.

To restore the default settings of Windows firewall, please refer to the following :
Enter Control Panel ==> Windows Firewall, and select Restore Defaults. Click the button then press Yes.

If Windows troubleshooting and diagnostic tools couldn't fix your problem, please try the following steps :

1.) Update the wireless adapter driver from the following page : http://support.asus.com/download/options.aspx?SLanguage=en

2.) Restart your computer, enter the BIOS by pressing F2 when ASUS logo appears. Switch to Exit menu and select Load Manufacture Default. Press F10 save and exit.

3.) Power off your wireless router, wait for 10 seconds at least, then restart and reset your network password and try again.

4.) Contact your network service provider or administrator if their server refuses your connection request.

5.) If you could connect to the network before without any problem, and the troubleshooting and diagnostic tools don't work, please restore your system to an earlier point in time. Microsoft system recovery will regularly create points in time for you to restore back to.
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