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Troubleshooting :
Trouble shooting PC

The purpose of this documentation is to help customers troubleshoot some simple problems. This document covers the problems customers may encounter prior to entering Windows desktop or Dos/Linux prompt.
Hypothesis: The fans & monitor are functioning properly.

The action process below is aimed to eliminate the problem caused by system assembling action. We strongly recommend users refer the test actions below before referring to advance trouble shooting sections."

Please remove your system from your chassis to a smooth surface/table as Pic(1) indicates.


To prevent ESD(Electrostatic discharge) and abnormal short circuit occurrences,
1. Please wash your hand with clean water and ensure your hands are clean and dry before following below instructions.
2. When removing/touching any component of your system, we strongly recommended touching nonconductive area of the component only.

1. Use cotton-materials/rubbers to clean connectors as Pic(2), Pic(3), Pic(4). Assure there are no foreign
objects attached in Pic(2), Pic(3), Pic(4), Pic(5), Pic(6) and Pic(7) area.

2. Ensure IDE connectors/CPU pins were at the right position/angle as Pic(5), Pic(6), Pic(7).
If unfortunately, there are some bent pins of your components. Your problem should be caused by bent pins and might be regarded as a customer induced case by components manufacturer.


Clean the surface of CPU and apply a thin smooth layer of CPU thermal paste on the surface of CPU as Pic(10) indicates. Assure area in Pic(8) and Pic(9) is clean. You might Follow CPU FAN manufacturer's instructions/suggestions to clean CPU heatsinks.

Pic(8)                                                                                   Pic(9)

Assemble your system to its original configuration without chassis on a smooth surface/table as Pic(11) indicates.

You may refer to chapter “Hardware information” in user manual for correct assembling procedures.
Please be aware that whether VGA card was correctly inserted to slot or not. The red circle area in Pic(13) could prevent the VGA card from being inserted correctly. To fix this, you may locate a book with certain thickness beneath Motherboard as Pic(15) & Pic(16) indicate.

1.If you plug your VGA card in the way as Pic(13) & Pic(14) shows, your Motherboard/VGA card might get
2.We strongly recommended users placing a nonconductive flat-rectangular substance beneath the back panel of Motherboard, before assembling your system.
A thick book whose surface area is the same as Motherboard would be a good choice.
This could prevent abnormal short circuit occurrences from MB back panel and VGA card being inserted incorrectly.

Use a pen to short both pins of power switch(you may refer to chapter “Hardware Information” in user manual for the correct power switch pins position) as Pic(12) shows to power up your system.

Warning: If you use the pen to touch the location other than the correct 2 pins of power switch, this might cause unpredictable ESD(Electrostatic discharge) or abnormal short circuit. ESD and abnormal short circuit might cause damage to your devices.


If your problems disappear, your problem should be caused by improper assemblage action of system.
Please assemble your system in the chassis.

After assembling your system in the chassis, if your problem appears again, your problem could be caused by “chassis” or “not following chassis manufacturer's instructions/suggestions to assemble systems”.

You might replace to another known working chassis or follow chassis manufacturer's instructions assembling the system to solve your problem.

After powering up, if your problems remain, please go on further trouble shooting actions.

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