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Troubleshooting :
Multi-finger Gesture

Solution Multi-finger Gesture

ASUS Smart- Pad provides, in addition to the usual mouse button operations, a rich set of usable features to enhance user productivity. One major feature in Smart-Pad is Multi-finger Gesture.

1.) Button

Like all other standard notebook touch pads, Smart-Pad also comes with two clickable buttons that work just like any other ordinary mouse button. These buttons are also reconfigurable, via the drop-down combo box, to perform several simultaneous tasks.

Left Button
Default feature is Click/Select. Other available features are Maximize, Page Down, and Run, etc…

Right Button
Default feature is Context Menu. Other available features are Maximize, Page Down, and Run, etc...

To change the default for a particular button, simply click the dropdown next to it and select the new feature.

2.) Tapping

Smart-Pad provides fingertip movements or “gestures” detection that can simulate all mouse button operations as well as other functions to enhance document editing.

One-Finger tapping always performs Click/Select functions, which is equivalent to clicking the left mouse button.

By default, Two-Finger tapping simulates the scroll wheel on a mouse. Additional features such as Maximize, Page Down and Run are also available.
The Two-Finger gesture can be reconfigured to perform other tasks. Click on the drop down arrow to select the new task.

By default, Three-Finger tapping always performs Pop-up menu functions, which is equivalent to clicking the right mouse button.
The Three-Finger gesture can be reconfigured to perform other tasks. Click on the drop down arrow to select the new task.

3.) Scrolling

Vertical or Horizontal window scrolling is done by dragging two fingertips across the Smart-Pad. This feature works with most scrollable windows based software, such as word/graphics processors, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It basically provides the simplest, easiest, and the most convenient way to scroll up or down a window.

Two-Finger scrolling
This operation is done by dragging two fingertips on Smart-Pad. Simply tap the pad and drag the window you wish to scroll. Drag up or down to perform vertical scrolling. Similarly, drag left or right to scroll horizontally.

Vertical Scroll
Click this checkbox to enable Vertical Scrolling.

Horizontal Scroll
Click this checkbox to enable Horizontal Scrolling.

Two-Finger auto-scrolling
This function is activated by dragging two fingers on Smart-Pad. Simply swipe fingers from any direction with speed and the auto-scroll function will keep continuing to scroll. When you release your fingers from the touch-pad, then auto-scroll function will stop.

Scroll Speed
Drag the slider to set the new scrolling speed.

The scroll speed slider is operable only when the Vertical Scroll and Horizontal Scroll are enabled.

4.) Drag and Drop

Smart Pad also provides a drag and drop feature, which is similar to click and hold with the left mouse button. It is done by tapping the pad twice, without remove the finger tip from the pad, with the pointer points to the object to be dragged.

Release after finger lift
Release the selected objects after finger lifts from the touch pad.

Tap again to release
Release the selected objects by tapping the touch-pad again.

Delay Time
Move the slide to define the new delay time.

This option is enabled only when the “Release after time delay” option is also enabled.

5.) Palm Tracking

The Palm Tracking feature guards the Smart-Pad against accidental contact, such as palms resting on the touch-pad or brushing against its surface while typing. This helps to prevent unsolicited pointer movement or click operation.

Adjusting Palm Tracking
If the Smart-Pad exhibits unwanted pointer movement or click operation, increase the Palm Tracking sensitivity by moving the slider to the right (towards Maximum) but not to the extent of losing sensitivity on legitimate touches.
If the Smart-Pad becomes unresponsive to valid touches, decrease the Palm Tracking sensitivity setting by moving the slider to the left (towards Minimum).

Verify if any of the following functions do not work correctly :

  1. Function icon at vertical control bar is selected (highlighted).
  2. The “enable” check box is checked (enabled).

Reset the functions to the default settings.

Confirm the new selection and close the panel.

Cancel any new setting and close the panel.

Apply the new user selection.

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