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Troubleshooting :
Transfer files via Bluetooth


Preparation :

Please make sure the Bluetooth on both your computer and external devices have been turned on and can be found by the other device.
For computers, please make sure Bluetooth is enabled. If it is not enabled, please turn it on via < FN > + < F2 >, then click the triangle icon in notification area and right click the Bluetooth icon. In the pop-up window, click “Add a Device”, then “Select a device to add to this computer”, then click “Next” and follow the wizard to continue your operation.

Transfer files :

1.) From your computer to an external device
Select the files you need to transfer and right click. Choose “Send to”, then “Bluetooth”, and follow the wizard to complete the transferring.

2.) From external device to your computer
When an external device tries to transfer files to your computer, a pop-up window will appear in the notification area. Click here to grant permission to allow the transfer, then follow the wizard to continue your operation.

View the files :

When the files received from the external device have been completely transferred, a pop-up window in the notification area will prompt you to “Click here to open the folder”.

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