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Troubleshooting :
No display from HDMI


1.) First of all, please make sure the monitor boots up normally. When the monitor starts up, generally, there will be an ASUS logo and the power LED will light up. If it does not, please check the power supply.

2.) Please check that the HDMI cable is plugged in correctly.

3.) When the other input ports ( such as VGA or DVI ) have cables plugged in, the monitor will display the signal from these ports. So please unplug all the other input cables.

4.) Press input select button to adjust the input port.

5.) If this does not solve the problem, please reset the monitor for a test. Press Menu key ==> system setup ==> Reset ==> Yes

6.) If this problem still persists, please replace the HDMI cable and test the monitor on another computer if possible.

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