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Troubleshooting :
How to update BIOS?


1、Please Verify the exact model and download the latest BIOS file for your PC from ASUS Download

Please ensure that you have installed Winflash Utility before  using update procedure. You may
install the program via Driver & Utility CD if you can't find the program from
Start->All Programs

Then execute the auto-extract file to a temporary folder.
Click Start\ALl Programs\ASUS Utility\WINFLASH\WINFLASH

2、Select and open the updated BIOS image fils.

3、Please confirm the loaded BIOS information.
   Check out model/version/data.

4、Press Flash to initialize BIOS updating procedure.

5、Press Exit when procedure completes.

6、Please reboot the system.Assuming that you have successfully flashed the BIOS file, press DEL
to enter BIOS setup page when ASUS white logo appears during system Boot-up procedure.

7、After entering BIOS setup page, please go to Exit sub-menu and choose "Load Optimal Defaults".
Then click "Save and Exit" and reboot system again. The BIOS flash procedure is no complete.

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