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Troubleshooting :
WLAN Troubleshooting Guide (Adapter)

Step1 :

Make sure the driver and utility of wireless card is installed properly.
Step2 :

Make sure wireless card lights are working properly
Step3 :

Make sure you know SSID for your AP.
Step4 :

Make sure utilize ASUS powerful utility and disable Win XP Zero Configuration function.
Step5 :

Make sure AP security function is enable or disable. For example, ACL or Encryption.
Step6 :

Check if the distance between AP and WLAN care is too far.
Step7 :

Check if there is any interference close to the facilities. For example, Microwave.
Step8 :

Check if you can get an IP from AP if AP has DHCP function
Step9 :

Make sure you can make a wireless connection with AP and able to surf the Internet.
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