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Nexus 7 Warranty Policy

No matter where you go, Nexus 7 is always your best travel companion!

When you are on a business trip, leisure, or studying abroad, you can always receive the best support for your Nexus 7.

We not only offer you a complete nationwide service, but have also established numerous service sites around the world. So, when you are looking for service, you can always refer to the Service Center to receive our immediate support.

Register your product model via the Member site. If you are not yet an ASUS member, register at https://account.asus.com/signup.aspx

International Service Network Procedure:

Please follow the procedure below for service enquiries outside the original country of purchase:

  • Step 1 : Check your warranty card content to confirm the warranty term and warranty period.
  • Step 2 : Contact the service hotline for trouble shooting and return process.
  • Find ASUS International Service hotline in your country

  • Step 3 : Have your Nexus 7 Warranty Card, purchase receipt ready (if you do not have them beside you, we will use the Nexus 7's original shipping date as your purchase date).
  • Step 4 : Please back-up all data in your hard disk (ASUS International Service is not liable for any data loss incurred during the service). ASUS is solely responsible for service and examination. We apologize for not providing any forms of data recovery or back-up solution in the process of servicing.
  • Step 5 : Finally, you can choose between deliver the Nexus 7 to site by yourself or pay for a postage delivery. For some countries, we will arrange forwarder to pick up your Nexus 7 to repair center. Please contact hotline for more details.


1 ASUS international service is only applicable to countries that have been authorized by ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC, The service we provide is based on Limited Warranty Service. ( In America area only supports for USA, Canada and Mexico ; Central and South America countries don’t support international service)
2 ASUS will bear the cost for labor and parts if the Nexus 7 is qualified for international warranty service, and the unit shows defects in materials or workmanship under normal usage (excludes handling errors) within the warranty period. However, please notice that Nexus 7 are not applicable in every country or with sufficient components to serve the returned Nexus 7 every time.
3 Upon receiving your Nexus 7 request by ASUS international service, we will process it in the most rapid manner. However, the time taken will vary depending on the availability of component material stocked at that particular service site.
4 We apologize for not be able to provide service for individual components (such as hard disk or CPU).

Specific warranty policy for Australia and New Zealand