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When switched on, the server will show :
Chassis intruded! Fatal error
System halted
Then, it will hang and won't access BIOS setting. What can I do to eliminate the error message?


The error message will appear due to chassis intrusion sensor detects the server chassis has been opened. When user encountered this issue, they can eliminate the error message by following the steps below:

1. Shut down the system, close the top or sider cover properly and secure the screws of the cover if available.
2. Powe on the system and the error message will show again. Please press the Reset button on front panel.
2. The error message will show persistently after system restarts. Please press the Reset button on front panel again
3. Upon restarting for 2nd time, the error message will be eliminated and the server will boot properly then.

This method is only for the specificed models, which are AP2400R-E2, RS260-E3, AP1710-E1, TS500-E2 and TS300-E3 series. For other models, please refer to the manual or others FAQ. 

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