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How do I disable the touchpad on my Eee PC?


There are four ways to disable the touchpad on ASUS Eee PC.
1: Please press F2 during boot up, and go to BIOS settings. Check if there is a touchpad device in BIOS setting. If so, set the option to disable it. Then press F10 to save the change and exit the BIOS.
2: Press the hotkey (Fn + function key) to disable the touchpad in OS. (The function key for the hotkey depends on the Eee PC model. Take ASUS 1015B as an example, you can press Fn+F3 to disable the touchpad. For details, please refer to the user manual. If your Eee PC device supports this function, but you cannot use it, please download and re-install ASUS KB Filter or ATK driver from ASUS support site. Or update the driver online via ASUS LiveUpdate.)
3: Find the touchpad driver application in Windows OS. Then disable the touchpad within the touchpad driver application. (Note: Touchpad driver on Eee PC varies depending on the model. Take ASUS 1015B as an example, the touchpad driver is Elantech touchpad driver.)
4: Touchpad can be disabled under Windows. Please go to Control Panel=> Device Manager => Mouse and other pointing devices, right click the touchpad device and select Properties. Then select the driver and disable the touchpad. 
If you still cannot disable the touchpad, please take you Eee PC to ASUS service center for further test.

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