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Navigation Wizard

Currently only support ASUS Notebook and Motherboard for Microsoft Windows.

Navigation Wizard  (For Microsoft Internet Explorer browser only)

In order to provide faster and easier access to ASUS Support Site, we have designed a special function known as ASUS Navigation Wizard to assist you in selecting your product. To achieve this, we will require you to install the components of this program onto your PC. The components are solely used for "ASUS Navigation Wizard" on ASUS Support Site and no other purposes will be involved.

Begin installing "ASUS Navigation Wizard" and related components. GO

Please follow the procedure below. If you have security concern about online installation, you may abort installation process. You can still use other ways to determine your model name.

Step 1 :

Install ActiveX control
Please click "Go" button to begin the installation process.

Please click on the message on the top of Internet Explorer and select "Install This Add-on for All Users on This Computer"

Please click "Yes" when you see the dialog of User Account Control.

Step 2 :

Run the ActiveX application
Please click "Start" button on the ASUS Support Site and then you will see the following Dialog.

Then the System will lead you to the corresponding product pages automatically.